Help Using the Door Prize App

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a list of the most common issues you might encounter while using the Door Prize app.

Where do I get an Event Code?

The Event Codes are issued to our partnering event organizers. If Door Prize is being used at an event you're attending, speak to someone working for the event and they can point you in the right direction!

Can I use Door Prize App in my country?

Door Prize is currently only available in the US.

Will Door Prize work on my device?

While we can't possibly test on every hardware or OS version available, we've taken steps to ensure that users on compatible hardware/software are able to access the Door Prize app. Requirements for each platform:

iOS Device Compatibility:

  • iPhone only (not supported on iPad or iPod Touch at this time)
  • iOS Version 11+ (ARKit required)
  • iPhone 6s +

Android Device Compatibility:

My device is stuck 'calibrating,' what do I do?

In order to calibrate successfully, the augmented reality engine tries to map your surrounding environment. If your device just can't seem to calibrate, it may not be able to pick up enough flat surfaces around you. Some tips that may help:

  • Start by scanning the room around you, not just pointing your camera at the image target. Calibration requires that the device can map its 3D surroundings. Once calibrated you can focus in on the image target to scan!
  • Step back and scan a wider area. If your camera is too close to objects in your environment, it may not be able to adequately gather enough spatial information.
  • Scan your surroundings more slowly. If you're moving your phone too fast, it may not be able to adequately map flat surfaces.

The Door Prize app crashes when I'm trying to scan.

The most likely reasons for a crash are:

  • Incompatible device hardware or software. Check our compatibility requirements for details.
  • Insufficient device resources (ie. memory). Even with the required hardware and software, it's possible your device just can't keep up. Try closing any other unnecessary apps/services to free up more memory.
  • Android users: you may not have Google Play Services for AR installed - install and relaunch Door Prize.

When I try to scan, I just see a blank screen.

Make sure you've granted Door Prize app permission to use your camera. If you accidentally block access, the scan feature won't work. You can change these permissions in your phone's settings.

The app launches but noting seems to be happening.

Door Prize requires an internet connection in order to function. Be sure you're on a working WiFi or cellular connection. Also, if you're on a cellular connection, double-check that Door Prize has permission to use your cellular data.